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Welcome to Beltexco, a family company since 1922.
We’ve been making trusted household brands for nearly a century. The products we create are in almost each and every household of Congo.
We are also the partner of many multinational brands that benefit from our unique country wide presence to drive their distribution.
This makes Beltexco the biggest FMCG distribution company in DRC.
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Learn about Beltexco, the biggest FMCG distribution company in DR Congo. Know our history, our coverage of the DRC territory, get an overview of our social commitment and our international partners.


Get introduced to Beltexco private labels, that rank in the top 2 trusted brands in DRC in more product categories than you can imagine. Know the MNC that are already trusting Beltexco’s distribution power !

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Social commitment

Beltexco is involved in most of the social events taking place around all main cities of Congo. We make it a point to stand side by side with the Congolese in all aspects of their social life. Take a guided tour !

Our Partners
  • Angel
  • Blédina
  • Colgate
  • Colombina
  • compal
  • danone
  • J&J-ogo
  • LVQR
  • maxam
  • SC-Johnson
  • Tiger head
Our long time relationship with international multinationals are a testimony for our loyalty and service. When we bind a partnership, we are very committed !
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