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International Brands

Beltexco has built strong partnerships with world renowned FMCG companies.
Though most of them are supplying premium products for the DRC market, Beltexco manages to drive their distribution and visibility beyond the borders of the modern trade.Mass consumers are living in DRC with less than a dollar a day but Beltexco is still able to overcome the challenge of getting premium products into the open market, thus paving the way for mass volumes for those products.

Our partners can all benefit from our Oracle based ERP’s to use data mining as a major decision tool.
Our hand-in-hand approach of the partnership grants both our partners and Beltexco a profitable business plan on the long run.

  • Colgate Palmolive
    Colgate Palmolive

    Colgate Triple Action is the Congolese reference when it comes to oral care. The numeric distribution of Triple Action is a benchmark for all MNC’s wishing to drive sales in Congo. Other Colgate brands such as Palmolive, Protex or Sta Soft are also distributed by Beltexco.

  • Danone yoghurts
    Danone yoghurts

    Danone has revolutionized the yoghurts category by inventing yoghurt that does not need refrigeration. Ultramel ranges into 4 flavors and its spreading quickly across the trade

  • Danone baby food
    Danone baby food

    Bledina is the leading baby-food brand in Congo. Generations of mothers have been using the long trusted products, such as Nursie, Phosphatine, Bledine and Bledilait.

  • Fromageries Bel
    Fromageries Bel

    The laughing cow has become along the years the one and only cheese eaten by the Congolese : Beltexco has created the cheese market in DRC, showing the benefits of a regular cheese consumption in a country that did not know what cheese was.

  • SC Johnson
    SC Johnson

    Baygon insecticide is the long trusted insecticide in DRC to fight mosquitoes and malaria. Beltexco distributes also Mr Muscle, Glade and Toilet Duck.

  • Johnson & Johnson
    Johnson & Johnson

    The #1 Premium baby care brand with its classic set of baby talc, baby lotion and baby oil. The new challenge of Beltexco is now to make the J&J range of pharmaceuticals a success, along with its world renowned OTC line (Vermox, Immodium, Actifed).

  • Sumol Compal
    Sumol Compal

    Sumol and Compal are the leading brands of juices in Portugal, Mozambique and Angola. Beltexco is bringing them to DRC.

  • Tiger Head
    Tiger Head

    Tiger Head is the leading brand of batteries in Congo. Beltexco managed to switch the market from paper jacket to Alkaline. The new Super Power battery is a true success !

  • Colombina

    In a blink of an eye, Bon Bon Bum lollypops have become the reference on the lollypop market. His little brother Tiger Pop is growing fast with its new Choco-Caramel flavor.

  • Maxam

    Maxam is everywhere across the trade. The unbeatable toothpaste has now 2 new variants : orange flavor with vitamin C and Black & White charcoal.

  • Angel yeast
    Angel yeast

    Angel is one of the top 2 leading brands of yeast in the world. The promise of a well baked baguette.

  • Lude

    Lude is the leading shoe polish in DRC : if you get your shoes polished in the streets of any city, you can be sure that they will be polished with Lude !

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