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Beltexco s.a.r.l. founded in 1922, is one of the leading

companies in the D.R. Congo and the leader in the mass distribution of fast moving consumer goods.
Its long experience and countrywide presence in the market has given it an innate understanding of the Congolese consumer. This insight provides it with unique opportunities to identify and fulfill the needs of the Congolese population.
Its grassroots approach to marketing has helped it evolve and constantly adapt over the years to a dynamic marketplace.

Modern management techniques, an extensive distribution network and a diverse product linehas made Beltexco a reliable and result oriented partner in the D.R Congo.
This unique position has enabled it to make exclusive partnerships with international corporationssuch as Danone, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Bel. With in-house brands that have become national household names, Beltexco inspires confidence and implicitly commands trust and loyalty amongst the Congolese consumers.

Groupe Rawji has its origin in the year 1908, when the pioneering Mr. Merali Rawji came to Africa and started a small trading operation.
He setup his first company in Kindu, in the east of the country in 1910 and named it ‘ Rawji Fils’. Over the years, its operations expanded and spread all over eastern Congo including Kisangani.
The company moved to Kinshasa, the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo in 1960.In 1966, the group took over a 44 year old trading and distribution firm named BELTEXCO and more recently, Marsavco from Unilever PLC in 2002.

trucksThe group has continually prospered and grown in its stature, vision and dynamism despite all the revolutions, rebellions, nationalizations, and economic mismanagement that the country underwent.oday Groupe Rawji is a multi functional, trans-national corporate entity, owned and managed by the Rawji family. The group is now on the threshold of a successful transition to the 4th generation of ownership.

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