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Simba matches

The one and only brand of matches for ever in DRC. Undisputed leader of the match market of Kinshasa, Simba matches are in each and every household of Congo. Simba is one of the few brands that can enjoy such a penetration.

Africa’s choice

Africa’s choice ranges from oats to tea and coffee, from powder milk and evaporated milk to chocolate spread. Africa’s choice glucose biscuit is the undisputed leader in the biscuits category.

Texas corned beef

Texas corned beef is made out of Brazilian beef, one of the best quality in the world. Texas brand equity and red packaging are known to each and every consumer. It is a must have for all boutiques and table tops.

Diamond sardines and Pilchards

Diamond is the premium brand of sardines of DRC. Sourced in the waters of Morocco, Diamond sardines are the best quality sardines in the DRC market and, though its premium pricing, remains one of the best-selling brands.

Apollo sardines and Pilchards

The Congolese have grown-up with the brand Apollo that is one of the oldest brand of Beltexco. Apollo sardines and Pilchards’ brand awareness is ranking among the top 3.

Royal corned beef

Royal corned beef offers the consumers a tasteful alternative to Texas corned beef. Its recipe is unique and true beef lovers indulge themselves with the unique taste of Royal Corned Beef.

Texas Mint

Texas Mint is the number 1 confectionary item sold by the street vendors. Now also available : Texas Caramelo and the fruit flavored Texas Poppons !


Chocobel is the chocolate spread the family indulges itself with. Now available in 12g with the innovative Choco Stick

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